It’s time to stop demonizing Israel

Ein lesenwerter Kommentar vom französischen Philosophen Bernard-Henri Lévy zur derzeitigen vorhersehbaren, weltweiten Empörung, über die Aufrechterhaltung der Blockade von Gaza, der u.a. an folgendes erinnert:

We mustn’t tire of reminding others: the blockade concerns only arms and the material needed to manufacture them. It does not prevent the daily arrival, via Israel, of between 100 and 120 trucks laden with foodstuffs, medical supplies and humanitarian goods of every kind. Humanity is not “in danger” in Gaza, and it is a lie to state that people are “dying of hunger” in the streets of Gaza City.

It is debatable whether or not a military blockade is the right course of action to weaken and, one day, bring down the fascislamist government of Ismail Haniyeh. But it is an indisputable fact that the Israelis who man the checkpoints between the territories night and day are the first to make the elementary but essential distinction between the regime ‏(that they seek to isolate‏) and the population ‏(which they are careful not to confuse with the regime, and in particular not to penalize as, once again, aid has never stopped passing into Gaza‏).
One last word. For a man like me, someone who takes pride in having helped to conceive, with others, this kind of symbolic action ‏(the boat for Vietnam; the march for the survival of Cambodia in 1979; various and sundry anti-totalitarian boycotts and, more recently, the deliberate violation of the Sudan border to break the blockade hiding the perpetration of massacres in Darfur‏) − in other words, for a militant of humanitarian interference and all the media fuss that goes with it, this pathetic saga has something of a caricature to it, a gloomy grimace of destiny.

Wen die rechtliche Seite der Militär-Aktion interessiert, kann hier näheres dazu lesen.

In diesem Zusammenhang sei dazu aufgerufen, sich an der Kundgebung vor der Parteizentrale der „Linken“ zu beteiligen:

Gegen das Bündnis der Kriegstreiber von Linkspartei und Hamas!

Solidarität mit Israel!

Kundgebung vor dem Karl-Liebknecht-Haus

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010, 13 Uhr

Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin-Mitte